How To Kill Fleas And Bed Bugs

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Vacuuming your carpets often is also advisable if you have pets at home. Adding a flea carpet powder after vacuuming will at least ensure that the carpet is free of fleas for a month or more. Besides fleas, there are also bed bug infestations commonly occurring in the United States. In fact, bed bugs are more common in US than any other countries, perhaps due to the size of the US population. Bed bugs are highly resistant to ordinary methods of pest control, because of how they breed and where they usually frequent. Bed bugs are almost impossible to detect too because they mostly appear at night just to feed on our blood. If you wake up with itches constantly in the middle of the night or in the morning, you might have a bed bug problem.

pest controlCommon symptoms of bed bugs include red rashes or itchiness in the morning. In order to get rid of bed bugs completely, it takes effort. You should start with bed bug traps. This can be done several ways. DIY methods including leaving a dish of soap or acidic agent under a source of light (eg. A lamp). Bed bugs will tend to be attracted to them and fall into the solution. Once you confirm the existence of bed bugs in your room, you’ll have to wash all your bed linens, mattress and any other clothing material that may exist in that room itself. Washing them and drying them in hot temperature will kill off any adult bed bugs as well as their eggs.